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Ten Reasons to Use Microfibre Cleaning Tools

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What are microfibre cleaning tools?

Microfiber cloth is a velvety, lint-free synthetic material that is very effective for cleaning. Microfiber products are available in different configurations including cloths, mops, and dusters. They can be used dry for dusting or soaked in a cleaning solution for washing surfaces. Microfiber mops consist of a lightweight handle with a very maneuverable flat rectangular head. A microfiber pad attaches to the mop head with velcro. In a typical mopping application, fresh microfiber pads are placed to soak in a basin of cleaning solution. In each room, a clean cloth is taken from the basin, hand wrung out, dropped flat on the floor and the mop head is placed on it. The velcro attaches the cloth to the mop, which is then ready for use. In a typical setting, the worker uses 1-2 pads to clean a room. After use, the housekeeper easily removes the soiled pad by placing a foot on the pad edge and lifting the mop handle away. The soiled pad is set aside for laundering. Used pads are not returned to the cleaning solution, so the cleaning solution does not become contaminated or need replenishing. Soiled microfiber clothes are easily cleaned in a washing machine.

Here are ten reasons to consider microfiber for dusting and mopping:

1. Housekeepers Like Microfiber Dusting and Wet Mopping Microfiber mopping is more efficient, easier and less tiring, so workers prefer microfiber mops.

2. Clients Are Happier Clients like microfiber mopping because it is quieter, faster and less intrusive.

3. Microfiber Dusting and Mopping is Inherently Effective Microfiber is a strong, lint free synthetic fiber. Each fiber is split during manufacturing, and this split structure makes microfiber effective:  The tiny fibers make the fabric very absorbent, so the cloth or mop holds sufficient water for cleaning, yet doesn’t drip. As a result, the pad doesn’t need to be replenished and the floor is merely damp and quickly dries after cleaning, rather than being visibly wet. The microfibers have a positive charge that attracts dust, which has a negative charge. Dust and dirt particles are not only attracted to the microfiber, but are held tightly and not redistributed around the room.

4. Ease of Use Overall, the housekeeper is lifting less and maneuvering lighter loads. Microfiber mopping completely eliminates rinsing and wringing a heavy loop mop. There is a smaller volume of cleaning solution, the water-soaked microfiber mop is considerably lighter than a traditional mop, the bucket of cleaning solution is correspondingly lighter and there is no need to repeatedly return to the sink to dispose of and replenish buckets of dirty cleaning solution.

5. Less Potential for Injury  Microfiber mopping uses less water and cleaning products, resulting in less weight to lift and less potential for fatigue, back pain, neck strain, and other upper body injuries. Because the mops are lightweight and maneuverable, the worker can largely avoid awkward and uncomfortable postures.  The microfiber mops eliminate wringing of the heavy wet loop mop or squeezing of a sponge mop. This is expected to reduce potential for back pain, shoulder, elbow, wrist tendonitis and injury to finger joints. Because microfiber holds liquid without dripping, it leaves only a light film of water on the floor which dries quickly, resulting in less opportunity for slips and falls on a wet floor.


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