Drain & Grease Trap Dosing

Do you have problems with a build-up of grease and fats from your kitchen waste or other organic matter, resulting in troublesome and slow running drains?

At CaterSafe we work with a leader in the manufacture of Green Cleaning Solutions, with a range of both biological and non-biological products to offer solutions for all of your drain cleaning and maintenance needs.

drain and grease trap

Our Grease Trap Dosing System is designed to eliminate the build-up of troublesome grease and fats in restaurants, hotels, canteens and other areas that experience problems, caused by organic matter in drainage systems. It is a safe, economic and proven method compared to alternatives. 

It involves the daily dosing of our BIO-DEGREASER, which biologically digests grease and other organic waste build up, turning it into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). The micro-organisms in BIO-DEGREASER go to work as soon as they come into contact with waste, anywhere in the plumbing system (grease traps, joints and drain lines) breaking down and digesting grease and solid waste, wherever it accumulates. This action keeps drain lines and grease traps functioning properly, as long as treatment is applied.





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