Microfibre Technology

Tired of throwing money away every time you dump a cotton mop? Looking for a mopping solution that will give better results, is easier to use and can be washed 100's of times?

At CaterSafe we are dedicated to offering all of you, our customers, the most advanced cleaning and hygiene solutions available.

As a result we have teamed up with 2 leading suppliers of Microfibre Technology:


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No matter what your key requirements are; Ease of Use, Cleaning Results or Infection Control, we can develop a mopping solution to suit your needs.

  • Reduced Chemical Requirements
  • Reduced Water Usage
  • Improved Cleaning Performance
  • Superior Hygiene & Infection Control
  • Easier to use, reducing injuries & fatigue
  • Reduced Overall Cost
  • Washable up to 1000 times

Independent tests conducted by CTIP Conseil (The Cleanliness International Technical Centre) and by Institut Pasteur de Lille clearly validate the cleaning and disinfecting properties of our microfibre as illustrated by the examples below:

microfiber vs conv.fiber


Tests by CTIP show that with conventional cotton mops around 45% of grease, oil and dust stains remain after cleaning. This reduces to 25% with standard microfibre but reduces to only 10% with the CaterSafe Micro-Gliss mop. 


Tests by CTIP show that CaterSafe Micro-Gliss microfibre is more than 7 times more effective at removing bacteria than conventional cotton mops. 


Download our Microfibre Brochure for more information

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