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Partnered with Sunburst Chemicals Inc, one of the leading manufacturers of solid detergents and systems in the world, we bring you the advantages of The Solid Revolution.

Sunburst Chemicals LogoCaterSafe was one of the first companies in Ireland to supply a full range of detergents including the newest solid technology. In 2004 we took this a step further with the introduction of an expanded line of solid products and dispensers bringing you the widest range of solid detergents available in Ireland.

Working with Sunburst Chemicals Inc, based in Minnesota, USA we continue to bring you our customers, the widest range of solid detergents available in Ireland.


CaterSafe Solids Guarantee Significant Cost Savings

Using the complete range of CaterSafe solids will guarantee significant savings in detergent usage and cost.

Cash savings over liquids and powders have been proven over many years as below;

    • Dishwasher Detergents 15-25%

    • Rinse Aid 15-25%

    • Wash Up 30-40%

    • Savings with our Degreaser and Sanitiser are even more significant.


The Benefits of Solids

  1. Better Products:

Due to unique manufacturing processes, the most effective blend of ingredients can be used, allowing for easier lifting and dissolving of soils on contact.

  1. Lower Costs:

With unique dispensing systems and product ingredients, each container produces more use solution than Liquid and Powder equivalents.

  1. Controlled Usage:

Solid Products can only be dispensed and diluted using specialist dispensing equipment, removing the risk of over- use associated with free pouring and hand mixing.

  1. Improved Safety:

Solid Detergents are the safest form of detergents available. Solids cannot be spilled, splashed or mixed by hand, greatly reducing the potential for employee contact with chemicals.

  1. Reduced Storage:

Higher concentrations mean less chemical is required to do the same job. This delivers huge savings on the limited storage space available within most commercial kitchens.


To find out more about the advantages of solid detergents, click here.

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