Our 3 Step Programme will ensure you achieve the results you demand while providing consistent and reliable product use. 

Step 1: Initial Survey - Identifying Specific Requirements

Step 2: Supplying a Tailored Solution - Selection of Appropriate Chemicals & Equipment

Step 3: Follow-up Service & Support - Training, Procedures and Maintenance


Initial Survey

There are many issues that affect the performance of any Dishwash application. For that reason we not only offer the most comprehensive range of chemicals and dispensers available in Ireland, we back this with a level of service you can rely on. 

Our service begins with the initial survey of your Dish/Glasswash requirements. We look at each stage of the dishwash process, from pre-wash efficiency through to drying and stacking of washed wares. 

This survey enables us to:

  • Identify the best solution for each application
  • Identify specific training needs for kitchen staff
  • Identify any other issues affecting the dishwash process.


Select the appropriate Chemicals

We offer a range of Liquid and Solid Detergents allowing us to match the right chemical wash to your specific requirements. We have chemicals suitable for all types of dishwash and glasswash applications, whether a small under-counter glass machine or the largest most demanding flight machine. 

The range includes:

  • Solid Detergents for soft to hard water 
  • Liquid Detergents for soft to hard water
  • Solid and Liquid Rinse Aids
  • Solid and Liquid Metal Safe Detergents for all water conditions
  • Liquid Glasswash Detergent and Rinse Aid
  • Liquid Glass Renovate


Select the appropriate Dispensing Equipment

We work with one of the world's leading manufacturers of chemical dispensing equipment and have at our disposal a range of dispensers to meet the needs of any application. We have high-tech equipment that can easily control the flow of up to 3 products into the largest flight machines, to simple product pumps for the smallest dishwash machines. 

Dispensing options include:

Titan Dishwash Dispensers

  • Dispense up to 3 products
  • Solid or Liquid Detergents
  • Suitable for Door, Conveyor or Flight Dishwashers
  • Probed to measure detergent concentration
  • Flux sensors to avoid hard wiring to machines


Nitro Dishwash Dispenser

  • 2 Product systems for Liquid and Solid Detergents
  • Suitable for single tank door and conveyor machines
  • Probed or Timed dispensing to suit customer needs
  • Small size suitable for busy kitchens with limited space


Olympian Single Pump

  • Dispenser for under-counter dish & glass washers
  • Timed or Speed Control
  • Coloured enclosures for Detergent and Rinse
  • Small enough to fit in confined spaces


Follow-up Service & Support 

At CaterSafe we pride ourselves on the consistent, quality service we give our customers and are committed to delivering the following service levels and benefits:

  • Free "Chemical Use & Safety" Training for your staff
  • Development & Training on Dishwash Area Routines
  • Same Day Service Call-Out Where Necessary
  • Dispensing Equipment Supplied "Free on Loan"
  • Free Equipment Servicing and Spot Checks
  • Regular follow-up surveys to maintain performance & adapt to changing requirements


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