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Infection Control is one of the most important issues facing any Nursing or Healthcare facility in the present day. One of the more challenging aspects of patient care is keeping important areas of a healthcare facility clean. 

We understand the importance of Infection Control.

With the increased instances of Hospital Acquired Infections and Viruses becoming more resistant to standard cleaning chemicals and techniques, it is vital that we consistently review and adapt our cleaning procedures.

We can supply a range of specialist Infection Control solutions.  We offer our customers the most advanced chemicals and equipment available. We work with each individual customer to ensure that they have a tailor-made cleaning and hygiene system to meet their needs.

Following an initial survey, assessing the needs of each facility, we then develop a range of products and systems to meet those needs.  All chemicals are provided with dispensing equipment to ensure correct dilution and to help control costs.  

Below is some information on some of our key Infection Control ranges;



Virusolve+ has been proven to be the most powerful measures against infections. It will kill all known bacteria and viruses, spores (including C.diff spores) and mold. Virusolve+ not only kills, but also cleans, providing safe, effective cleaning and disinfection. It is completely safe to for staff use and also can be used whilst the patient is still in a room. So from the moment you use it, you can be sure that microbes are never coming back. And it doesn't matter what business you are in schools & nurseries, hospitals, food industry, vets etc. Virusolve is the best and most powerful product against infections.


Virugel is another product that can be advantageously be used in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, dental surgeries and veterinary practises for cleaning up spills, etc. This powerful, absorbent, free-flowing granular powder is used for absorbing split fluids and in medical application. VIRUGEL instantly gels and deodorises aqueous fluids and removes unpleasant odours.


concept microfibre


Microfiber has emerged as one of the most important technological developments to prevent infections. Microfiber cloths and mops are essential for infection control as they quickly trap and remove bacteria from surfaces only releasing solis during the laundry process. It's important to understand that there are many different types and qualities of microfiber on the market today with vastly different capabilities in removing viruses bacteria and spores from an environment surface.    


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purell with clipHand hygiene is the single most important method of preventing the spread of infections. Cleaning your hands gets rid of germs you pick up from other people, from the surfaces you touch and from anything you come in contact with and prevents these germs being spread to others. Just because hands look clean, we can’t assume that they are clean.  At CaterSafe we offer you a wide range GOJO products including the world leading PURELL brand of hand sanitisers. The GOJO product portfolio includes hand cleaning, handwashing, hand sanitizing and skin care formulas.

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In addition to providing world class products we support you, our customer, with Staff Training and continuous practical support provided to staff and management, to ensure the correct use of chemicals and cleaning equipment. Regular monitoring and evaluation is carried out to assess the performance of the cleaning and hygiene programme.  This allows us to ensure we meet the continuously changing needs of our customers. This allows our customers ensure that their infection controls are effective.


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